Monday, 8 February 2016

Progress Report -Work in the Studio

After the MP’s visit  yesterday we got a couple of articles in the newspaper and this brought quite a few visitors to the studio including some policemen and someone from the central intelligence!!

The clay situation is coming under control- all the possible sources of clay at the studio have been tapped including the clay that was slaking and was currently in slip form. The work is growing steadily in the studio.

Naidee had labeled the three people working at the Maihar House studio as “Team A “and the group working at Art Ichol as “Team B”.  It’s a pity we are not able to  all work at the same place but we have established a wonderful routine of having breakfast together every morning and ending up with dinner and a slide presentation of one artist every evening. 

At the Maihar House studio works are growing taller and every table occupied with work in progress. Music and  a creative  harmony  fills the studio. Naidee’s large Shiva is sculpture almost complete and looking fantastic, Alvin’s two thrown and carved vessels are complete and drying and  Kathy’s pierced Bucket Vessel is finished and slowly drying under plastic. The frenzied energy  of making is subsiding and the  studio full as the time allotted for making wet work comes to an end.

At Art Ichol Sandy was building two large forms, while Thiebaut was rolling tubes that fitted one over the other and Madhvi was busy building with her clay cow dung chips. Jacques had to keep an eye on two ends of the campus as he supervised the brick makers making 4000 bricks for him while he built his form with coils.

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