Thursday, 4 February 2016

2nd Feb

What an unexpected event that our group was greeted by a member of Parliament, Mr. Ganesh Singh, who welcomed us with a gift of Angavastra (scarf) to his constituency and Art Ichol. Lots of commotion as the press took pictures and clamored for interviews. The MP promised to come back for the fiber kiln firing when Thiebaut told him it was part firing, part performance- so the pressure is on!

After a delicious spread of street food made fresh for us with Golgappas, Chole chat, Pau Bhaji and Dosas we struggled to settle down and work. 

In the studio we had a lot of challenges- the clay was being consumed faster than we imagined, the plasticity of the clay with so much grog was compromised and building the forms was very slow. Alvin had managed to throw and carve a large form with more plastic clay and Naidee had given up working with earthenware but was managing to build with the stoneware clay at a fairly fast speed. 

By the end of the day much work was done, Kathy had thrown some forms and Thiebaut and Sandy made a few sections of their own works. Jacques had resolved his idea of the brick shrine and started his other large work. Madhvi had a mould made the cow dung and had settled into building with her clay- cow chips.

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