Friday, 29 January 2016

The time for the residency has arrived and the seven artists from seven countries are coming in from different parts of the world to meet up in India!!  It was almost 8 months ago when I first started to think about putting this residency together. There were so many things to think of, most importantly the central theme.
For quite some time now I have been exploring scale in clay. Bringing a group of eminent artists together who all work in considerable scale is the realisation of a long held wish.  However, many unknowns lie ahead – the space, the environment, the material, firing possibilities, the group dynamic, chemistry etc.  It is out of these unknowns that the theme of the residency has evolved -Exploration, Experimentation and Examination. 

We are all gathering in New Delhi before we take the train to Maihar in Madhya Pradesh. Thiebaut Chague arrived from France this morning and he and I had the opportunity to partake of the current art season in New Delhi. We went to the National Gallery of Modern Art to see the show of Sudarshan Shetty titled “Shoonya Ghar”- the “Empty House”. The exhibition is a collection of film, sculptural installation and photographic images set in the Indo-Sarasenic architecture of the NGMA. What we enjoyed the most was the way Shetty used his material- the deconstruction of an architectural space and a reconstruction of a space that evoked memory. 

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